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How to prepare your house for rewiring

Whether your house is over 30 years old or you’re thinking of doing some remodelling for your home, you will need to be prepared for either a partial or a full house rewire. This is important not only because such efforts will help you modernise your home, but you’ll also address potential safety issues that go along with the need to maintain proper electrical outlets in your home. So, what steps are involved in preparing for a house rewire? Let’s take a closer look.

Determine what your needs are

A house rewire is a complicated process of redoing all the wiring that goes under floorboards, in walls as well as ceilings and other places in your home. When preparing for a house rewire, it’s critical to determine what your needs are right from the start. This will involve thinking about what tech gadgets you would like to place in each room, what their ideal location will be, how your furniture will be positioned optimally so that you can access your electrical sockets and more.

The importance of planning ahead

Planning ahead cannot be underestimated. With this step, you need to ensure that you’re thoroughly prepared for the work that’s about to take place in your home. With planning, you need to think of purchasing all the materials and equipment that will be required for your house rewire and ensure that you budget for this effectively. In addition, planning can help you reduce additional and unforeseen costs further down the line, as your careful planning will help prevent extra purchases and save you more money.

Seek advice from experienced professionals

Before embarking on your house rewire project, you also need to consider consulting with professionals to give you the best advice. Sometimes, the location of a socket or a wire you thought would be perfect is not actually ideal. Other times, your electricity usage and demands could mean the need for a wider network of electrical work than anticipated for. This is where the experts come in. Because of their professional experience, they can help you figure out if you’ve overlooked any important details and pinpoint exactly what needs to be done and where.

Get your house prepped and ready

Once all that’s been said and done, it’s time to get down to business. It is inevitable and a natural part of a house rewire project that there will be dust and a mess as the process evolves. However, to minimise disturbances for all the members in your household, you should consider prepping your property before the work commences. This will mean moving heavier furniture away from walls where work will need to be carried out, completely moving smaller items of furniture to a different location while the experts do the work, removing rugs, carpets and possibly even curtains as well as covering larger pieces of furniture with some type of cover. Plastic sheets are recommended for this.


After reading this article, you’re now well on your way to planning and getting ready for your house rewire project. Although it may seem like a daunting task, if planned for properly, it can be a seamless experience that will not only make your home more modern, but safer in terms of electricity usage as well. By planning ahead properly, you can also save on costs on additional items that pop up as the work progresses. Finally, the process of preparing your home for the professional electrician in Farnborough will go a long way towards ensuring that the process of rewiring your home is seamless and smooth.

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