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Why Electrical Maintenance Is Important

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Investing in a routine electrical inspection can detect problems early resulting in them costing less to fix. Maintenance of electrical systems can protect your equipment, improve safety, and reduce your energy costs.

Want to know more reasons why electrical maintenance is important? Read on…

The definition of electrical maintenance

Electrical maintenance covers all aspects of testing, monitoring, fixing, and replacing elements of an electrical system. Approved electrical maintenance services will send a trained and qualified electrical maintenance technician to carry out your electrical inspection.

Why electrical maintenance is essential

Domestic electrical maintenance is vital for the safety of your home and family, as neglected maintenance has the potential to cause fires from short circuits, electrocution from sparks, and damage to your devices and appliances. Early identification of problems is a key aspect and any issues can then be addressed through preventative maintenance. Proper maintenance can make your systems function effectively and your equipment last longer. Energy consumption problems you may be facing can be reduced by setting up energy-efficient options to minimise your energy costs. The priority of electrical maintenance is safety. By having electrical maintenance performed by an expert you’ll be informed of any potential hazardous issues which may result in injury to you or members of your family.

What are electrical dangers?

The greatest threat from electrical faults is the potential fire hazard. Faulty wiring is responsible for the majority of home fires resulting in substantial loss. The heat generated from wiring can cause the protective casing to break down over time and without this covering, wires can make contact and create sparks. The main hazards come from electric shocks and burns from contact with live parts.

The signs that your electrics may need replacing or upgrading include:

  • Tripping of the circuit breaker

  • Discoloured wall sockets

  • Frayed extension cords

  • Cracked wire installation

  • Overheated wires or cords

  • An electrical wire that has been damaged by pests

What does electrical maintenance involve?

Electrical maintenance includes testing of:

  • The electrical components of your system such as the relay, the circuit breaker, and the overall system

  • All sockets and fixed wires

  • Smoke detectors and alarms

  • Appliances

It also covers:

  • Electrical fault finding and keeping your electrical safety up to standard.

  • Monitoring any potential issues that may escalate and seriously affect your household.

  • Fixing faulty wiring and other electrical elements to ensure your system can run as intended.

  • Replacing elements of the electrical system that are unable to be repaired and that are stopping your appliances and devices from working efficiently.

Common electrical repairs

Any breakdown in your electrical system is dangerous and has the potential to be a fire hazard. Electrical technicians ate highly trained to deal with:

Dead outlets: the fault here could lie with the wiring, the circuit, or the outlet itself caused by a tripped fuse Exposed wiring: these wires can be life-threatening if touched and need immediate assessment and repair

Faulty lighting: problem with dimming lights, buzzing sounds, and flickering lights could be due to faulty wiring or circuits

High electricity bills: some reasons for this are a leak in the electrical system or outdated appliances that aren’t energy-efficient

Need an electrician in Farnborough?

An electrical maintenance contractor will take care of all electrical maintenance including electrical repairs and servicing of electrical systems for you. The duties and responsibilities of a maintenance electrician include:

  • Diagnosing problems and repairing or replacing defective parts

  • Acting quickly when a breakdown occurs

  • Installing and replacing fixtures, switches and wiring

  • Operating a variety of standard tools and equipment

  • Maintaining records as necessary

  • Providing guidance and direction

All you need to do is make a booking with electrical maintenance services today!

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